We were wrong: Saturated fat is GOOD.

An interesting article in the ongoing Fat vs Sugar debate

Life is a story. Write it.

A new,extensive study came out the other day that suggested saturated fat isn’t linked to heart disease.  Whaa-?  In light of this, I recently went over some historical data regarding heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and fat/sugar consumption over the past 100 years courtesy of the CDC.  What I found is surprising:

Total Energy Consumption over 30 years. Total Energy Consumption over 30 years.

  • 1910 was the first year Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) made the #1 top causes of death.  It rose steadily until 1963 when 375 people per 100,000 died of CVD.  In 2011 that number has been reduced by nearly 50% to 191 per 100k.
  • Cancer rates have remained relatively unchanged in the past 30 years, hovering around 181 deaths per 100k.
  • Diabetes has risen a staggering 50% in the past 30 years!
  • Sugar consumption has been on a perpetual rise for 150 years, but particularly since around 1900.  Starting in 1980, sugar consumption skyrocketed…

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