What You Don’t Tend To Say On Social Media When Living With A Disability

Another wonderful post from Rebecca on living with debilitating illness. People see me chatting with friends for a couple of hours and won’t see any difference from a ‘normal’ person, not realising I’ve rested all day to manage going out, probably been in tears getting ready, had to think about how far I have to walk from the car to see if it’s manageable at all, and had to plan a quiet day following it. Thank you again Rebecca for raising things I never find a way to say x

Rebecca Bradley

EDS The month of May is EDS awareness month, so I couldn’t very well let it go by without making a post about it considering I live with the disability every day. But, it is one of those genetic conditions that many people have never heard of or don’t really understand. And who could blame them. It’s complex and can cause many, or few problems.

Here’s the rub in using social media. It is a great tool. It’s good for connecting with like-minded people and chatting about shared interests. It’s also a good tool if you want to set it up as a vehicle for raising awareness for a specific cause, for instance the EDSUK Twitter account. But – if you’re not using a cause awareness account where people choose to follow you, then social media is a minefield when it comes to how much to say about your day…

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